Oyler children

Oyler children
...He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. Phil 1:6

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What If.......

What if...

...we had not prayed "Lord use us as your hands and feet"?

...our hearts and eyes had not opened to the plight of the orphans?

...we had not said "yes" to hosting a black haired, black eyed little boy?

...we had said "no" to the Spirit's prompting to adopt this little boy who tugged at our hearts?

...we had let the obstacles of finances, paperwork, and special needs loom bigger than God?

...we had not persevered through the hard moments and long waits of the adoption process?

...the very thought of leaving our four older children at home to travel half way around the world had immobilized us?

We would have missed out on......

...twenty kisses a day!

...little arms wrapped around our necks and whispered "I wub oo"'s

...contagious laughter


...little hands tugging mine to show me his latest accomplishment

...pitter patter of little feet in our house again

...tickles and more laughter

...dark eyes looking into mine in complete trust

...most of all the peace of knowing that we are where God wants us to be, doing what God wants us to do!!!

 Lego towers - the taller the better

 Smoothered with kisses from all sides...and loving it!

 So excited to wear a belt to church like Jadrian, Preston and Baba...
the little things we take for granted!!!

Big Boots!!!

We have been home from China almost seven weeks! It is amazing how time flies! And even more amazing is how well our family has adjusted to our dear, sweet five year old and him to us! Seldom does a day go by that I don't hear someone say, "What did we ever do without him?" Wherever Kian is, there is usually sunshine and laughter.

He has had moments of grieving.... Like the day he brought his backpack to me and said, "Bye bye, airplane, bye bye." He pointed to the computer, wanting to look at pictures. So we looked at pics from our China trip and the orphanage. He cried, really sobbing at one point but was soon back to his cheerful self. I am just thankful he can express his grief and move on.