Oyler children

Oyler children
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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

S-I-X at Last!!!

For weeks Kian has been counting down the days until his birthday! It has been terribly hard for him that everyone in the family (except Mama) has had a birthday ahead of him. But finally July 14 really did arrive, and Kian was up bright and early to begin celebrating. Little did he know that because he was up so early, that meant he would have to take a nap!! He began his special day with rice for breakfast....still a favorite. It was a very long day for him! He thought evening would never come when we would celebrate with balloons, cupcakes and presents! Our family tradition is that the birthday boy/girl gets to choose their birthday meal. Weeks ago Kian had us make a list of the foods he wanted. He continued to add to and change it as the weeks passed. At last he settled on grilled chicken (in place of the chicken feet he really wanted), yummy rice, veggies and dip, pineapple and strawberry shortcake. However, we replaced the strawberry shortcake with surprise panda cupcakes! He was delighted!


A VERY excited birthday boy!!


 Kian was thrilled with the Panda theme!

Birthday meal

Chantel made panda cupcakes

Among his gifts was a top made by Jadrian...

a basketball from Pompo and Nana...

and his very own guitar!!

We missed out on Kian's first five birthdays, but we plan to enjoy each new year with him to the fullest! We are so blessed by this dear treasure!!