Oyler children

Oyler children
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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Kian's Reactions

A question several of you had before we left for China was how Kian would react to returning after being home a year. So while we are anxiously waiting these final couple hours before meeting Tia, I will share a little of his reactions.

While we were waiting in Newark to board our flight to Beijing, we were mostly surrounded by Asian people. Kian commented how everyone was speaking Chinese. I ask him if he could understand any of it. He said he could not. It was interesting that he recognized the language but could not understand any of it.

When we finally got to Nanning and were leaving the airport, he made the comment that this was not his China. I told him that we were at Tia's China and we would go to his China the second week! I am not sure what he was sensing as different than the area he was from.

Yesterday while we were out he exclaimed about all the big buildings! Yes, it is all city here but he was used to city when he lived in Dongguan.  I guess a year in Carroll County surrounded by corn and bean fields has its effects! I am sure not a city girl!!

Most of all, he is loving the food!!!! He is not a picky eater and likes what we feed him at home, but he is REALLY enjoying the authentic food here!! Eventually we have to tell him he has had enough!!

Kian is taking it all in and asking tons of questions. So far he seems to not be bothered by anything. He is enjoying having his mama and babe to himself but that is soon to come to an end! He misses his big brothers and sisters but is not sad about it. Just talks about them often. Now we excitedly await his reaction to his new little sister!!

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