Oyler children

Oyler children
...He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. Phil 1:6

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Nanning, China

Our flight to China was fairly uneventful....which is how we like it! After arriving in Beijing, we took a flight to Nanning, the capital city of the province where Tia is from. On Monday, Tia will travel from the city where her orphanage is to Nanning to meet us in the afternoon.   She has been in foster care for the last year and a half but usually they go back to their orphanage just prior to adoption. We can hardly wait to meet our little girl! Sunday we will have a chance to get rested before Gotcha Day on Monday!!

His siblings covered Kian with goodbye kisses before we left home!

Our children and Will went with us to Indy airport to see us off. 

Goodbye Ashlyn!

On the plane at last

Kian's excitement about getting on an airplane and going to get Tia was very contagious. However, he was not prepared for how long the trip actually took! He did exceptionally well! We are so thankful to be here. 1 1/2 days until Tia!!!!!


  1. Wonderful that you have arrived there safely!! Thank you Lord!! Counting down the hours til "Tia Day"....with you!! :) praying you all have a wonderful rest tonight.....!!
    Blessings...The Skiles' ��