Oyler children

Oyler children
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Friday, November 7, 2014

Fri 11/7 - Orphanage Visit

Today was a day of many emotions. We visited the only home Kian has known in his five short years. I had no idea how Kian would react. Our guide had prepared him for the visit by talking to him in Chinese and telling him we were only visiting and then he would go "home" with Baba and Mama. He was fairly quiet on the trip there but once we arrived he marched right in the front door leading the way. We had given him a bag of puffy stickers to hand out to the other children and he walked from room to room sharing them. He seemed very comfortable with being there. Overall, the orphanage was much nicer than I expected. Kian was in the Sunshine Academy preschool. This section of the orphanage was bright, cheerful and very clean. We got to see his bedroom which was just big enough for four sets of small bunk beds. Just down the hall was his classroom where he also ate his meals. Then we went to a building next door where he would have lived before the age of 2 1/2. Next we walked to the playground and spent some time there. Before we left we took some pictures with Kian in front of the orphanage, and then he ran ahead to the waiting van. After we all climbed in he said, "Let's go home," in Chinese (interpreted by our guide). Hearing that brought tears to my eyes. He had seemed so comfortable there that I was a little afraid he was not going to want to leave.

Leading the way into the orphanage

     Kian's bed (sorry some of the pics are a little blurry)

      His classroom 

     They had just finished lunch. 

      Handing out stickers

    Only a few of the 700 children living in this orphanage. 

       Playing on the playground 

    Dong Guan Social Welfare Institute

We are so thankful that we can share the love of a family with dear little Kian and he is no longer fatherless. But it is so sad to see the countless children that remain. We will continue to lift them to our Father in pr@yer!


  1. Oh our hearts.....words seem hard to find as we SEE the reality for the many many left behind....but oh as you said....we will LIFT these children and all the millions of others around the world, continually to our Father. Asking Him to guide, bless and send help for their biggest need.....the love from a FAMIY! Oh how it thrills our hearts that dear Kian can freely go home with you all.....what a huge blessing He only has made possible and we can't thank Him enough!! What dear pictures here...so thankful to see and so so glad you could go! Thanking Him that He so gently carried Kians little heart thru that visit! He is so faithful!! Just one week and you will be HOME!:) love you all! Continuing to lift u all to Father!!! LL for all.....:)

  2. Praising J* E *S *U *S!!! We stand in awe of HIM....In His Love♡~ the graybills

  3. Awwww...my heart breaks for those left at the orphanage, for Kian and what he must be feeling....so sad...but we are thankful that God chose you to be his forever family. He just wants to "come home" and I know that you do too. Prayers as you continue on with this journey. Love you and miss you!!!