Oyler children

Oyler children
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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sun 11/9 - Visited the Chen Clan Academy and the Pearl Market

This morning we went with a group of other adoptive families to the Chen Clan Academy. It is a sort of temple that the most important family in Guangzhou built for family gatherings and as a place for the family to worship. Later it became a place for family to come and study for tests similiar to our SAT tests. Kian was not impressed and ready to move on after just a few minutes! We enjoyed the architecture! Next we stopped at the Pearl Market where pearls could be purchased for a reasonable price. We enjoyed getting out of our hotel and chatting with other families the most!!!


                 Chen Clan Academy

      Gardens behind the academy

                   Pearl Market

               Pearl market mall


              Our guide, Kelly


  1. Thank you, thank you! So fun to see what you have been doing! ...we really like seeing pictures of K too!! Only five days left!!!

  2. Our hearts are there with you. May God bless you with peace, joy, wisdom and a shining path in the days ahead. Mark & Judy