Oyler children

Oyler children
...He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. Phil 1:6

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tues 11/11 - The Zoo

This morning we spent a couple of hours at the zoo. It didn't quite measure up to Indy Zoo but then neither did the price. It cost 20 yuan per adult which is about $3.50 each! Kian was not very interested in the animals. He actually had more fun playing with the balloon he got at the entrance. One of highlights was hearing the lions roar...I mean really roar!!! Kian was excited to see the pandas like his new stuffed panda but to our disappointment they were in a glass building and we could hardly see them. It ended up raining some but we enjoyed the outing. 


       Panda house...a disappointment 

     Kian's umbrella when it rained 

It has been so exciting to see Kian get more comfortable with us each day! He is chewing on his fingers less and chattering more when we go out. He walked around the zoo much of the time on his own where as a couple of days ago he wanted to be held all the time....Craig's poor back and arms!! It is so exciting to hear him calling out "Baba" and "Mama" to get our attention. We feel so blessed by how well he is adjusting!! And yes he does have us wrapped around his little finger...but we know that being firm is important and so we have lots we are working on. 

This afternoon we spent a couple of hours walking the streets behind the hotel. It is a city of contrasts. Expensive stores on one side with dilapidated apartments 8-10 stories high on the other side of the street. Little shops selling everything everywhere. We are glad we get to experience some of our son's culture. 


  1. We are enjoying ALL your pictures! The river boat cruise looked amazing...but our favorite is seeing the 3 of you ToGetheR!! Many blessings...The graybills :-)

  2. Yes we too are loving all the pics you are sharing!!!!:) And my thoughts exactly....love seeing the 3 of you....{in one pic}...:) Your time in Chna is winding down quickly....soak up the sights and smells as best you can for the next 48 hours.....:) and bring the pictures back to share with us here!!;) Also ENJOY the warm air....it's not quite the same in IN.....continued pr.yers for you all!! See you soon!!:) the Skiles'

  3. J and I start every morning reading your adventures and pr@ying for you. We are enjoying the peek into your time there! So very thankful all are doing so well, especially K!! The Father is so faithful!! Kara

  4. We love seeing your updates & vividly remember every.step. on this journey. {even the tastes & smells :P}. Your homecoming is getting SO close! So thankful that you can see progress in Kian already! God is Good!