Oyler children

Oyler children
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wed 11/12 - American Consulate Appointment

Each morning we have eaten breakfast here at our hotel. The breakfast buffet is huge with everything from traditional American breakfast foods to a variety of Asian dishes. The food has been delicious!! Well, this morning I noticed a dish labeled "Chicken Feet ".  Will Jenkins had shared with us after one of his trips to Chna that he had been served chicken feet and we had sort of grossed out. So I joked with Craig that he should try some. And at his next trip to the buffet he came back with...chicken feet. Kian lit up when he saw them and motioned that he wanted some! Craig cautiously tasted them and then gladly relinquished them to Kian. It was definitely not Kian's first time to eat chicken feet. He chomped into them like he knew what he was doing!! This mama cringed at what he was eating but I figure he has survived eating them before and probably will this time too. So far we have seen no ill effects!!:)

                  Chicken feet top right

         Kian enjoying them immensely 

Today was our last official appointment before leaving Chna. We went to the American Consulate to apply for Kian's visa. We have waited here for days for this appointment which only took a few minutes, but we couldn't leave without it!!

   Masses of people outside the Consulate 

After nearly two weeks here, tonight we get to spend our last night at the Garden Hotel. We have had luxurious accommodations, but we are so ready to return home. We are missing our children and looking forward to all being together as a family of seven!!!


  1. Praising HIM! You are almost there! All 7 of you shall soon be together!
    I am impressed with Craigs FULL plate! :/ I survived on the MOST delicious cinnamon/sugar donuts every single morning- I wasn't that adventurous! :)
    Praying for you as you start preparing for home!
    Amber {& family!}
    so fun to see your children at Roller Skating last night!

  2. Oh oh....you are very brave I must say....CHICKEN FEET:(!!!.....so glad there has been no ill effects....:/;)....and glad K enjoyed them.....:) well we are counting HOURS now....less than 48 and you will be all together again and we can't wait to see you!!! I get teary just thinking of it....the relief of being together is so huge and WONDERFUL!! Asking HIM to keep carrying you each step of this journey! Praising Him for ALL He has done thus far....oh what a blessing!!! Enjoy your last day in Ch*na!!! :) Wish we could be there with ya!!! Remember lots of pics oh and try some more Asian food....;)!! Love you all!!
    LL for all....:)