Oyler children

Oyler children
...He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. Phil 1:6

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thur 11/6 - A Free Day

We have been glad for a free day with no appointments! Our original plan was to walk to a nearby park and spend some time there but we woke up to rain this morning so plan B is...spending time with Kian in our room. We are getting in some good bonding time!:) I think the Lord sent the rain just for us so we would stay in and spend one on one time together. We are excited to see Kian respond and listen to us better each day! 

Over the last several months, when people learned we were adopting a little boy from China who did not understand English, the question we heard the most was "How will you ever communicate with him?" That was never a major concern of mine, probably because we have seen how well other adopted children from China have adjusted. Now we are experiencing it, and I would still say communicating has not been much of a problem. Love is a universal language. So we are constantly communicating that with him through hugs and touch. He has his own little hand signals that he uses...holding his hand like around a cup and tipping it to his mouth when he wants a drink...pulling at his pants when he needs to use the bathroom....putting his hand towards his mouth and saying "yum" when he is hungry (Craig helped him with that one:)...those are just a few of our gestures. He does a lot of grunting and pointing as well. Kian is very willing to repeat after us when we point to things. So we are trying to keep it fun and light!

        Father/son bond time

The next two pics are for Ashlyn and LaurelLee who are afraid we are not getting enough Asian food!!:)

         Stewed dumplings with beef

       Sliced noodles with mutton 

So far Kian hasn't wanted to use chop sticks but he sure has the noodle slurping down!!!! 


  1. Oh thank you for the pics...;) and great job on trying their yummy food!!!:) So glad your free day went well inside!! What a blessing....!!! We will keep p.yng!! Love u all much!!
    LL for all...:)

  2. Loving all the pictures and videos you are sharing. Especially loved this morning when Kian said the children's names to us for the first time when we were skyping. Your day yesterday may have seemed humdrum to you but it was obvious to us Kian mastered many things since we talked a day and a half ago! PTL! Pr.ying for his little heart as you visit the orphanage tomorrow that he will continue to trust you...what a reminder to us to trust our Father. HE IS GOOD ALL THE TIME! Love from Pompo & Nana

  3. We loved having the opportunity to skype with you last night!!!! It was so fun to watch Kian interact with both of you and then to hear him try to say "Uncle Keef and Aunt Shasha". It melted my heart! It looks like you finally got a chance to try some Asian food...yum! I loved the video that you sent of Kian slurping his noodles. :-) I was wondering if you got your laundry back...hope so. We are praying for your day tomorrow when you visit the orphanage. There is so much this little guy has to take in and adjust to and I pray that he can handle it all. But I know that our God is Big and He is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. and He will get you through each moment. We love you and are anxious for your return! {{U.Keith and A.Shonda}}